10:00 to 11:00

Breakfast, coffee, welcome and kick off conversation with personal objectives for the day.


11:00 to 12:15

(Choose from these exciting breakout sessions.)

Get Paid to DMCA Your Content?

As “content partners” we believe we have a mutually beneficial relationship with tubes.  But do we really? Sure, we collaborate...but piracy has not gone away. 
We’ll explore a simple way (making money by DMCAing your content) to get the relationship we want with the tubes. 


Collaborations 2.0 - Affiliation vs. Collaboration

How do we increase the value of our partnerships and drive-up the fundamental value of our businesses? Collaborating more closely, creatively and openly to develop unique strategies is what influences change and growth, we need to break the mould.

  • Get out of the box!  MA Sales, Cross Sales, Mailers and Trade Deals are standard. Where can we go from here?
  • What have been your most valuable and lucrative partner initiatives? What are they today? 
  • Do you feel your current partner deals are genuinely balanced and lucrative?  If so, why? If not, why not? 
  • How far is too far? When does cannibalization truly become problem?
  • Does diversity in partner deals truly increase our value proposition for our users? Should we considering marketing them as such?

12:15 to 12:45

Each group shares the insights they've gained from their discussion with the other group.We take a little bio break. 


12:45 to 14:00

(Choose from these exciting breakout sessions.)

priorities for paysites

We have luxury problems. Other industries have to search and scavenge for opportunities to grow. Our biggest problem is choosing which opportunities to pursue from a long, long list. What tools do we use? 

  • How can the 80/20 rule (or Pareto principle) help? 
  • Can we use a simple spreadsheet to sort wildly different projects? 
  • Does lateral thinking help us move forward? 
  • Are risk balanced projects the way to go? 


Solutions for 3rd Party Solutions

We wish 3rd party solutions (CMS, affiliate systems, and others third party tools) were asking us how to improve their products. They're not. But we depend on these solutions and we need them to get better. In this session we’re going to create a guide to help them improve. The goal: build a better future for both of us.  

  • What would we like to see from CMS, affiliate systems and other third party tools?
  • What do we need today? How has it changed from the past?
  • How can these providers change to support business as it is done now?
  • What steps can providers take to improve paysite integration with their systems?  
  • How can these solutions work better together with each other (cross-platform integration)?

14:00 to 15:15

Each group shares the insights they've gained from their discussion with the other group.


14:15 to 15:15

Lunch of Paella, Salad and Beer on the terrace. 

Oh yeah, and coffee.


15:15 to 16:30

(Choose from these exciting breakout sessions.)

Lube for the tubes

How your paysite interacts with tubes can make or break your business. In this session we'll explore how you can develop a better relationship between your paysite and the tubes.

  • What kind of relationship have I had with tube sites historically and up to today? How would l like it to be?
  • Do I feel the relationship is balanced?
  • How can I protect my brand while attracting new customers? 
  • What smart things are other paysites doing that I should be trying out? 
  • What are some mistakes I've made with tubes that I can share with other paysite owners to help them out?
  • In working with tubes, which formula (content type, update frequency) optimizes ROI?
  • What price points have you tried for tube traffic?


Cash on the table

Where is the cash being left on the table in various relationships with paysites? We'll explore win-win scenarios: cash on the table for both parties. Well talk through opportunities in several key areas. For example, with tubes...can we better monetize subscriber lists together? 

  • Tubes
  • Review Sites
  • Discount Sites
  • 3rd Party Solutions

16:30 to 17:00

Each group shares the insights they've gained from their discussion with the other group.We take a little bio break. 


17:00 to 18:15

(Choose from these exciting breakout sessions.)

What the leaders are paying attention to in payments

Learn what leaders see as current opportunities and threats in payments for paysites from the recognized expert in internet payments technology, Thierry Arrondo. 


P(AI)sites: Artificial intelligence and paysites

Explore the impact of artificial intelligence on your business. This group will be lead by a co-creator of two AIs used by paysites today. 


18:15 to 18:45

We wrap up and share personal takeaways from the day. 


19:00 to 21:00

Wine and some food on the terrace.