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November 22nd

9:30am to 17:30pm

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  • 9:30am to 10:20am Welcome and Kick-off

    Hoxton Shoreditch, Glass Room

    Opening remarks including structure, tools, and personal objectives for the day. Arrive promptly to respect the starting time. Breakfast and coffee will be served.

  • 10:30am to 11:30am Session 1: Join session on UK Age Verification

    with co-hosts Stephen Vinyard & David Cook

  • 11:45am to 12:45pm Choose from these exciting breakout sessions.

    Here you will have the opportunity to choose between one of two exciting and relative topics affecting the paysite industry today. Each session will be lead by a seasoned and experienced paysite pro who will be sharing his or her experience and facilitating the roundtable discussion.

    Special events/Black Friday. How to win and how to lose on the most important sales day of the year.

    • How did you plan for Black Friday?
    • What have you tried in the past? What did you learn?
    • What will you try next time? What different results do you expect?

    Read the Case Study
    The Power of the Subscription Business Model

    With co-hosts Scott Ninness from WatchMyFeed

    • What’s your site’s “Experience”? How are you integrating user behavior into your development of the experience?
    • What are you doing that makes more sense for a “one-off” model?
    • Is there room for a paysite hybrid model? What would it look like?

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  • 13:00pm to 14:00pm Catered Lunch

    We are halfway there. Time to fuel up. Network and get ready for the second half of the day.

  • 14:00pm to 15:00am Choose from these exciting breakout sessions.

    What gets measured gets managed: What do you do to retain your customers?

    • How do you track retention?
    • What do you measure? What form is the data in? How do you analyze it?
    • Is this data actionable?

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    How do you compete and grow in 2019?

    With co-hosts Shap

    • What is your vision?
    • What are your challenges?
    • How do you identify where you are weak? You have to do this to take smart decisions.

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  • 15:15pm to 16:15pm Sessions 6 & 7. Choose from these exciting breakout sessions.

    Comparison: Where do I sell better?

    • How do you know if you are doing better or worse than the market?
    • What are your strengths? What are you doing to make them stronger?
    • What are your weaknesses? How can you minimize them?

    Read the Case Study
    Amateur vs Produced vs ?: Knowing what people are searching for in each market.

    With co-hosts Giancarlo

    • Is content diversification a strong user acquiring strategy?
    • Do you look at traffic behaviour stats to decide about your production schedule, content promo, and new site release?
    • What is the best way to start in business with a low marketing budget?

    Read the Case Study

  • 16:30pm to 17:30pm Closing session

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The Hoxton, Shoreditch

81 Great Eastern St, London

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